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Action News 11 PM
Action News 11:30 PM (HD, New) The latest headlines affecting the region, state and nation along with late-breaking stories from around the world are presented by the Channel 6 News Team.
FYI Philly (HD, TV-G) Hosts Karen Rogers, Alicia Vitarelli and Melissa Magee discuss trends in media, food, fashion and lifestyles in the Philadelphia area.
The Private Lives of Pippa Lee (TV-MA, R, ***) A dutiful 50-year-old wife's husband is taken with a younger woman, freeing her to explore her buried sensuality and causing a very quiet nervous breakdown.

Celebrity Page (HD, TV-PG) The inside scoop on the world of entertainment including the best of film, music, TV and fashion to the latest celebrity weddings, babies, hook-ups or break-ups
Action News 11 PM (HD, Repeat) Major news events of the day are examined and reported by the Action News Team, along with sports updates, travel and weather issues and tomorrow's forecast.
Localish Bay Area (HD, TV-G) The Bay Area is all about good people, good stories and good food. Explore amazing communities and live like a local with Localish Bay Area.
Localish Houston (HD, TV-G) Drive-in bingo, a growing sourdough baking community, museum quality Thai food, knives as a work of art, and the 99 year-old US veteran's birthday parade.
More in Common (Repeat, TV-G) NFL quarterback Carson Wentz discusses how sports have changed since COVID-19 emerged; a New Jersey coach who brings positivity to his team's lives is profiled.
Best of Localish (HD, TV-G) An Indiana Jones themed Man Cave that will blow your mind, a Star Wars themed house and we learn to train like a Jedi!

How I Met Your Mother The Scorpion and the Toad (HD, TV-14) Lily returns from San Francisco claiming to have had the summer of her life, but her friends quickly manage to see through her act.
According to Jim Andy's Proposal (TV-PG) Jim convinces Andy to propose to his girlfriend before he loses her, then questions his advice after he catches her having dinner with another man.
According to Jim Jami McFame (TV-PG) Jim and his band get the opportunity to play for a child pop sensation, but when she releases her ego, Jim tries to set her straight and teach her a lesson.
Grace Under Fire A Holly Jolly Christmas (TV-14) Holiday festivities are in progress in the Kelly household, with Jean making her famous punch loaf to Grace's dismay, and to Jimmy's delight.
Grace Under Fire Matthew's Old Lady (TV-14) Matthew announces his engagement to Joan while at Grace's, which prompts doubts, seeing as how Joan is old enough to be his mother.
Grace Under Fire Grace of Wrath (TV-14) Grace struggles to finish her paper on "The Grapes of Wrath," but she keeps reminding Quentin that he also has a book report that is due.
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